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Our Culture

ClearCompany HRM is an entrepreneurial company with a focused, disciplined vision for the future. We know where we're headed, but always welcome new perspectives and fresh ideas.

We have opportunities for professionals with experience in designing, building, and marketing products to corporate and third-party recruiters. Individuals with experience in applicant tracking systems or recruitment technology in general are especially invited.

Whatever your experience, we are looking for individuals who would like to contribute to our team with their ideas and passion. If you don't see a position that works for you at this moment in time, drop your resume for general consideration by clicking here.

ClearCompany is an equal opportunity employer. We support and encourage diversity.

Full Stack Web Application Developer

Department: Technology
Office: Boston

Software Developer for Web Applications in Javascript/C#

Looking for an opportunity to advance your architectural skills while working with the latest web application frameworks? We’re a small, focused, quickly growing and profitable software company in downtown Boston with hundreds of large, nationwide customers and one unique opportunity.

In this role, you'll be a major contributor to our four established and two future products using a combination of WebAPI/REST, C#/.NET 4.5, Backbone/Require/jQuery/Bootstrap frameworks as well as RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, AWS and other technologies. As a key member of a small team, you’ll benefit from intense mentorship in an entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary environment while working on all aspects of our software stack. Work will include single page web application development, back-end/database development, middleware, operations, test coverage and GUI design and development, all in a 100% pure-SaaS multi-tenancy platform that’s at the leading edge of web application engineering.

Most importantly, you’ll get to participate in the higher-level business discussions that guide our R&D. It’s easy to make technology decisions from a purely technological perspective, but here, you’ll learn how usability, customer requirements, and business strategy come together to shape our product direction. We’re fanatical about delivering a great end-user experience, and believe that great products reveal their beauty at all levels--from the company’s branding down to the database schema.

Beyond that, if you want to learn more about B2B marketing, sales, finance, or any of the other things needed to run a real business, you’ll find opportunities to develop knowledge and skills well outside your comfort zone. While we’re looking for someone eager to code up a storm, we’re also a small company with a strong belief in transparency and an anti-bullshit culture. Big egos can expect to be punctured mercilessly, but the only hierarchy here is merit, and with such a small team, the success of every person is truly essential to us. Whether your long-term goals are to start your own company or lead a larger team, you’ll build experience here in dog years.

Kind-of Must-Have Stuff

If you don’t have any of these but still think you’d be awesome at this job, make sure to tell us why in your email or cover letter. We promise we’ll read it. Even if you do have all of these, feel free to tell us why you’re awesome in your email or cover letter.

  • BA/BS in Comp Sci with at least 1 year of working experience (including internships & summer jobs), OR 2+ years’ full-time employment as a developer
  • 2+ years of C# OR Java development experience or comparable development experience
  • Experience with web frameworks, preferably jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, Bootstrap
  • Strong RDBMs knowledge and design best practices
  • Knowledge of how to build secure web applications and how to prevent vulnerabilities
  • A strong willingness to take ownership and responsibility for a product from design through development, testing, release and maintenance

Bonus Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Experience with Git
  • REST development
  • Experience with message queues, Elastic Search
  • IIS and Linux Administration
  • Experience designing and developing for a multi-tenancy environment
  • Belief in Atwood's Law
  • An interest in business, creating business solutions and a desire to learn and wear many hats

Referral Bonus

Do you know someone else that would be great for this position? Refer them to us and if we hire them, you'll get $4,000!

About ClearCompany 

Our goal is to create great and reliable products that genuinely help our customers businesses every single day. Our existing products have delivered on that goal. Our new products bring that to the next level by giving businesses transparency and guidance in decision making through modeling, real-time employee performance, projects and meetings.

We're looking for people who are smart, adaptable and enjoying working in a diverse workplace that is full of other smart and engaging people. Want to be stuck in meetings and committees? Move along, that's not us. We're not religious about technologies or tools. We choose the right tool for the right job. If your idea or approach is better, we'll go with that. 

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